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Design Trends for 2023 in Your Ken Harvey Home

Design Trends for 2023 in Your Ken Harvey Home

As homeowners move into a new year, they often map out any updates they would like to make to their design style over the coming months. Fortunately for 2023, basic design trends will remain mostly the same but with some great additions. Multi-purpose pieces, subtle nods to nature, and technology upgrades will all be more prevalent this year using our current design styles as a canvas.

Minimalistic staging has been the name of the interior game in most recent years. Now, that light-colored palette will be paired with pops of color. How this is achieved will be up to the preferences of the homeowner. It may be via artwork, such as abstract paintings picked up on a whim, or perhaps by updating accessories with vibrant throws or colorful pillows. It may involve a plush ottoman rather than a box or perhaps painting a single accent wall in a hue inspired by the great outdoors.

This year will mark the beginning of Farmhouse Chic’s transition to Cottage Core. The change will be subtle with the addition of palettes drawn from greens, khakis, and blue. Put simply, the change will be inspired by the view from our windows and by taking hints from mother nature to make once-monochrome rooms more visually interesting. 

Furniture and minor architectural updates will include a shift from hard edges as curves gain popularity. Doorways may be updated to include an arch. Table tops will be oval or even freeform. Chairs will be soft, plush, and inviting (an added bonus if you can find one that swivels). Mix-matching pieces will become the norm, though through economical, upcycling methods. Simply swapping your home’s existing furniture from room to room creates a more eclectic look without much effort.

This retreat from design predictability opens many doors for those willing to add some elbow grease. Thrift store or garage sale finds can be turned into one-of-a-kind pieces with sandpaper, fresh paint, updated hardware, and fabric. The reward of creating something that will be unique to your home can be time-consuming, but by having a plan and patience, it will be well worth it. Imagine a guest asking for a desk’s origin and responding, “Oh, we designed that ourselves!

Protecting our environment will remain a priority in 2023 and as methods become more homeowner friendly each year. From composters to energy-efficient appliances to solar panels to home gardens, moving closer to a Net Zero home is easier than ever before. 

  • While composters can be installed in the standard form (a backyard barrel that requires regular rotating and maintaining a balance of added ingredients) or with a countertop quick composter that will turn waste to dirt in less than six hours with the press of a button.
  • Energy-efficient appliances are quickly becoming the standard and manufacturers have answered the demand by offering options for every budget. 
  • With much of the world still enjoying the return to home, gardening has grown in popularity. Consumers have discovered the joy of farm-to-table produce and the ability to grow favorites in container gardens, beds elevated high enough to eliminate bending, traditional backyard space, or even with hydroponics grow stations located indoors.
  • There are now multiple vendors for big-ticket, environmentally helpful items such as solar panels or solar roofs, higher-quality insulation, and replacement windows. All will assist in keeping a home’s interior climate from being affected by shifting outdoor temperatures.

Technology will be more prevalent in homes as consumers discover ways to diminish time spent on day-to-day tasks or to utilize smart systems to save money and energy. Smart thermostats offer benefits almost immediately by offering an in-depth view of a home’s energy usage. This allows homeowners to control time-on/time-off via a recommended schedule or even alert the thermostat when the house is empty via smartphone integration.

Automated vacuums are also reaching a peak of popularity as they are just that - hands-off. Once set up, homeowners can set schedule cleaning runs more regularly than they would likely drag out a traditional vacuum. This not only buys back time but also lowers dust levels which means less work for HVAC systems. A healthier house translates to healthier inhabitants.

Motion-activated lights are a great idea for outdoor areas that do not need to be lighted full time, such as side or backyards. Lights activate when triggered by movement and remain on for a preset period of time, turning off until triggered again. Inside, outlet timers are an excellent way to ensure that lights or appliances are not being used when rooms are empty. For those using space heaters, this is also a great safety measure to ensure they are not left on in error. Smart Plugs kick it up a notch by linking phones or personal digital assistants (think Alexa or Google Home) to outlets creating the ability to control outlets using voice commands.

The start of a new year is guaranteed to spark a renewed motivation to better oneself or the things around you. As we move into 2023, make sure your home is not forgotten as you map out upgrades or improvements. Doing so will give your favorite spaces a fresh look and also offer more efficient use of the place you call home.

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