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Outdoor Living in Ken Harvey Homes

Outdoor Living in Ken Harvey Homes

Creating the perfect outdoor space in central North Carolina starts with finding the perfect home. Ken Harvey Homes has availability in several of its newly built communities with floorplans that are perfect inside and out. Room to relax is standard and includes spacious outdoor areas. Ken Harvey Homes also offers options for screened-in porches and additional space dedicated to outdoor cooking! Residents of central North Carolina fall in love with the region’s charm and wonderful climate. For the lucky Ken Harvey Homes’ buyers, a beautiful outdoor living space adds the perfect personal touch!


Designing an outdoor living area starts with determining how you will use that space:


  • Serene and Relaxing: If your focus is pointed to a sanctuary, think tranquil! Adding a water feature is a quick way to bring calm to an outdoor area. Choose the gentle trickles of a fountain or even a small pond. Fill your space with evergreens and ferns for lasting beauty. Install soft lighting and comfortable, cozy seating. 
  • A Gathering Space: Outdoor entertaining is an ideal way to spend time with friends and family as it reduces indoor traffic. Whether your preference is a standard, simple grill or a deluxe outdoor kitchen, prepping and serving is simple outside! Keep the lines of communication clear by installing a working and serving station steps away from a spacious dining table. 
  • Entertainment: Extend your outdoor living space into the backyard with a fire pit! Bistro lighting draped from tree to tree creates a welcoming ambiance. For versatility, invest in a sturdy cover for the fire pit, allowing it to easily transform into a table in those warmer months. Don’t forget to grab some sturdy cushions as time around a fire pit tends to last hours. 


Technology has moved outdoors as weather-friendly audio-visual systems have become much more affordable. This is perfect for those beautiful nights when it's difficult to decide between an indoor movie night or some time under the stars. With a drop-down screen, you can do both! WIFI extenders have made working from home an outdoor event and portable, waterproof speakers can easily set the tone for whatever your mood.


Perfectly Planted: Success in accessorizing a beautiful outdoor living space starts with choosing native plants. One of the biggest mistakes made in gardening is planting non-native species that aren’t used to the North Carolina climate and soil. Go local! Head to your favorite gardening store and ask which options will work best in your yard. Even better? Test your soil before shopping to determine pH and nutrient levels. If you cannot wait to get started, consider these plants:


  • Easter Redbud and Dogwood trees will burst with gorgeous blossoms as warm weather arrives.
  • Switchgrass and Feather Reed Grass are perfect for property lines as they provide movement, texture, and a natural barrier. 
  • Perennials such as Black-eyed Susan, Coneflowers, and Daylilies will splash your garden with color most of the year!
  • For fragrance, plant Gardenias, Jasmine, or Lavender near seating areas for a delightful scent. 
  • Did you know that there are natural mosquito repellents? Plant Lavender, Marigolds, or Citronella to keep pests away without the use of harmful chemicals. 


Implementing a few sustainable practices enhances your outdoor space and give the environment a helping hand. Installing a rainwater harvesting system can reduce water bills while conserving public water. Composting is a terrific way to recycle kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Invest in a few solar-powered fans to keep the air moving on hot summer days without taxing your electricity.


The climate in central North Carolina is relatively mild, making outdoor living possible year-round. Personalize your outdoor space to perfection by choosing durable rugs, pillows, and lighting that reflect your style. Garden art, from sculptures to wind chimes, can add an element of interest. Perhaps one of the best ways to design your garden space is by touring the local area. Spend a Saturday touring local communities while making notes of which plants are thriving, which design features speak to you, and color combinations that take your breath away. 


Each of the floorplans offered by Ken Harvey Homes offers a spacious, outdoor canvas ready to be customized for enjoyment all year long. Reach out to Ken Harvey Homes today to find your favorite design! 

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