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Warm Weather Brings Spring Cleaning

Warm Weather Brings Spring Cleaning

As warmer weather returns to our homes, we greet it full of enthusiasm, some of which is directed to spring cleaning. “Spring cleaning” often sounds terrific in theory but as the breadth of tasks reveals itself, it can quickly become overwhelming. Rather than look at “spring cleaning” as a large mountain to conquer, break it into sections that can each be addressed individually and at a pace that will produce excellent results. 


What are your spring-cleaning priorities? 


Begin by creating a list that begins with goals that are most important to you before deciding on your preferred order of action. Group like tasks together, such as cleaning vs projects vs organization. You might opt to check off the top item in each category before moving on to number two or, perhaps you’d prefer to clear one whole category before addressing the next. Truly, there is no wrong answer here as long as your mode of operations creates happy results. 


Spring Cleaning:


Spring Cleaning does mean a heavier load than daily chores or swapping out holiday decor. Spring Cleaning is not a simple vacuum or dusting but rather a deep dive. 


  • Windows: Throughout the chillier months, windows collect dust (inside) and debris (outside) that prevents that spring sunshine from pouring in. Rather than invest in bottles of glass cleaner, create your own with 2 cups of warm water, ¼ cup white vinegar, and ½ teaspoon dish soap. Newer homes are often outfitted with windows that tilt in for exterior cleaning convenience. For those who do need to clean upper-floor windows from the outside, pick up a no-rinse spray that attaches to your garden hose creating an easy and safe way to get the job done. 
  • Linens: Because they don’t fit into laundry bins, many larger linens are often forgotten when it comes to regular washing. Curtains, entry rugs, pillows, and throw blankets can benefit from the occasional deep cleaning. Now is the time! Check labels as many of these items can be washed at home on the delicate cycle. If not, your local dry cleaner can lend a hand. 
  • Baseboards, Door handles, and Lighting: This may seem like a long list, but these items typically don’t take long to clean. Turn on your favorite music, fill a bucket with an all-purpose cleaner, and move from room to room for a project that yields instant satisfaction. 
  • Carpet Cleaning: Spring is the perfect time to have carpets professionally cleaned and many companies offer specials at the start of the season. Get a head start by clearing clutter, pulling furniture away from the walls, and thoroughly vacuuming. If your carpets are in great shape, you may opt to simply spot clean. Create your own cleaner by combining equal parts vinegar, baking soda, and warm water into a paste. This can be scrubbed right into stains with a toothbrush before rinsing. Alternatively, mix a teaspoon of dish soap (Dawn is recommended) with a cup of warm water for larger spots. Save this task for last as the above tasks may scatter dust downward.


Projects to Complete: 


It is fairly common to spend the chillier months making mental notes of projects that will need to be tackled when temperatures rise. As spring arrives, get started! You’ll be glad you checked the “completed” box before the season of cookouts or time by the pool arrives.


  • In the Garden: Order mulch now to beat the rush! Start thinking about what plants you will purchase and keep an eye out for their arrival at your favorite store. Growing from seeds? Create an indoor greenhouse to give seedlings a headstart to success. While it may be an old wive’s tale, waiting until after Good Friday to plant outdoors often puts new plants past the last frost and reduces the risk of a surprise freeze. 
  • Outdoor Embellishments: Could your mailbox use a fresh coat of paint? Have any of your home’s shutters gotten a bit unlevel thanks to gusty winds? Take a walk and make note of those small fix-its that popped up during the winter. For a simple spruce-up, paint exterior doors, install new house numbers, or repaint porch furniture. Plan ahead by picking up any necessary supplies ahead of time to avoid a pattern of stopping and re-starting. 
  • Implement Organization: There may be nothing more frustrating than needing a tool that is nowhere to be found. It won’t take long to take inventory of those most used items, such as shovels, shears, or sprayers. Now is the time to do so and ensure that all tools are in working order and in an easily accessible place, whether in the garage or a storage shed. By eliminating the hunt for tools now, outdoor projects will take less time throughout the spring.
  • Recreational Readiness: Check in on your most-used warm-weather recreational items so they are ready for spring adventures. Make sure all bikes are still size-appropriate for each family member, fill tires with air, and grease those chains! Locate frisbees, tennis rackets, baseball gloves, or anything else that may have been misplaced at the end of the last season. Now is also the time to investigate summer camp options for the kids!


While “spring fever” may not be a true medical term, it certainly feels real as rising temperatures inject homeowners with a desire to prepare homes for warm-weather bliss. Sprucing up, both indoors and out, signals the start of long, sunny days spent enjoying the beautiful North Carolina weather. Residents of Ken Harvey Homes will soon enjoy beautiful porches as cook-out season kicks up and families take to their beautiful green lawns for pick-up soccer games. Start planning your spring-cleaning path today!

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