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Now is the Time to Prepare for Spring

Now is the Time to Prepare for Spring

The squeaky chirps of baby birds, the brilliant purples of crocus peeking upward, or simply sliding bulky coats to the back of the closet are all welcome signs that spring is nearing its return. This North Carolina season is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year. In order for homeowners to grab every enjoyable moment of spring’s arrival, early prepping is key!

There are many ways to get a head start on readying your home for the next season. Now, before those first flowers bloom, is the time to get started. By checking off a few items on the to-do list, homeowners will bank future time to enjoy the wonderland that is North Carolina in the spring. A great way to approach tasks is to plan according to the see-saw of high and low temperatures that southern winters provide. Is there a chilly weekend on the horizon? Save a few hours to give attention to your home’s interior. Will Mother Nature gift you with an unseasonably warm day? Take advantage of a jacket-free day and head outside.

To brisk to be beckoned outdoors?

  • This is a terrific time to wash the inside of your home’s windows. Grab a fresh bottle of glass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth, turn on your favorite music, and work from room to room. Before long, rooms will be brightened as more light pours in. Using a microfiber cloth is not only more efficient (they absorb up to six times their weight in liquid) but also great for the environment. Simply toss it in the washer when your job is complete!
  • Put your laundry room to work when cold temperatures encourage a stay-at-home day. Take down window treatments, collect throw blankets, remove the covers on decorative pillows, and take them all to the “spa.” Don’t forget to take guest room bedding for a spin to prep for warm-weather guests. No need to return your treatments to the same rooms. An easy change on a budget? Swap curtains from room to room for a fresh (and free!) look.
  • Wipe down baseboards, appliances, light switches, cabinet hardware, and door handles. Winter tends to add a bit more unseen dirt to heavily trafficked home areas. Start the spring with a clean slate!
  • Invest in quality carpet cleaning. The waitlist for steam cleaners tends to lengthen quickly as the weather warms. By cleaning your carpets now, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the line. Check with local professional cleaners as many offer specials during traditionally slow months.
  • Be ready for those new blooms by locating (and cleaning) bud vases. Vases tend to disappear within the home when not in use as they are stashed in out-of-the-way locations. Once the flowers return, you will be ready to bring the outdoors in!
  • Collect all members of the house and map out any plans for outdoor spaces in the coming months. Will you be planting a garden? Where will it go? What will you grow? Do you need to upgrade your furniture or just freshen up what is already owned? Have you started an outdoor entertainment wish list? Start shopping while winter is lingering and spread out those big-ticket purchases such as a new grill or gazebo.

Temperatures rising? Head outside!

  • Grab that glass cleaner again and wipe the winter grime off the exterior of your home’s windows. Focus on those you can reach safely and invest in an extension kit to lengthen your reach. Check window screens for holes and repair them with adhesive screen patches as needed to prolong their use.
  • Gutters and downspouts do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the fall and winter. It is important to clean and prep them for spring well before April showers arrive. While this can seem like a daunting task, it typically takes only a few hours. The most efficient method is with the use of a sturdy ladder, a small rake, and a hose to clear out collected debris. This is a great partner project (a perfect way to meet a new neighbor!) and will reduce the chances of flooding during spring rains. 
  • While up close to the roofline, do a visual check for any shingles that need replacing. Check for moss, mold, or other growth as well. Keeping up with small roof repairs will prevent the need for major work down the road.
  • It is pretty easy to forget lawn maintenance during those months spent primarily inside. Use a warm day to wander the yard, collecting downed branches and clearing leaves. Hold off on trimming trees until after the chances of frost have passed. As lawns soften, aerate and seed to ensure a thick, even lawn for those warm spring days.
  • Map out your mulch areas and check your math. Mulch tends to fly off shelves in the early spring; knowing how much you’ll need will allow you to pick up yours as soon as it arrives. Or, have it delivered! Check with neighbors about sharing a large mulch delivery.
  • The biggest target for spring cleaning is typically clutter. We often spend the winter setting tasks or items aside to address later when we aren’t rushing inside or dwelling in holiday mode. By the time “later” arrives, the declutter list can be a bit overwhelming. Take it slow and room-by-room. Tour your home and note, space by space, which items you will want to eliminate, re-locate, or re-home. Remember that there is a difference between “decluttering” and “organizing.” Perhaps all that is needed is some additional storage solutions such as shelving in the garage or new baskets in the bathrooms.

It won’t be long until flowers bloom, birds return, and bulky coats are put away (don’t forget to give them a turn in the washer so they will be ready to wear when winter returns). Start preparing your Ken Harvey home for warmer temperatures today, spring will be here before we know it!

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