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Why Work with a Local Homebuilder

Why Work with a Local Homebuilder

Finding a new home can be both exciting and frustrating as the quest to check all desired boxes meets success and compromise. For those searching within the pre-owned home sales market, trade-offs are common. While new construction greatly reduces the need to toss out wish lists, it can be very intimidating. Having the best of both worlds is easily achievable when buyers opt to engage a seasoned homebuilder.

Many assume that building a home from scratch is an endless, budget-breaking project but by partnering with a reputable team, the doors open to a variety of financial options, well-defined expectations, and clear communication from start to finish. As today’s buyers are discovering, choosing a homebuilder means securing the perfect home in the perfect location, tailored to their specific needs.

Why Work with a Builder?

  • Customization and Personalization: When a buyer initially meets with their builder, they begin a collaboration centered on bringing a vision to reality. Each step will be guided by the client’s desires for their finished home. From the home’s position on the lot to the selection of flooring to picking cabinet hardware, each choice will be reflective of personal taste.  
  • Expertise and Quality: Today’s homebuilders are highly trained and prioritize continued education as industry updates become available. This means they understand the complexities of construction, local building codes, and trade standards. Local licensed general contractors establish positive relationships with suppliers and subcontractors which enable them to negotiate favorable pricing for superior products.
  • Time: Time to completion is often the factor that sways buyers back to the pre-existing market. Homebuilders understand this and have decreased timelines in response by streamlining the process. This works because builders have taken ownership of obtaining permits, managing subcontractors, and targeting on-time delivery.
  • Cost Efficiency: Newly built homes have a reputation for exceeding budgets. The reality is quite different, though the investment benchmarks are shifted. With a new build, the initial investment may be higher than with an existing home but long-term maintenance costs will be minimized. Every aspect of the home is new: appliances, HVAC, plumbing, etc., which means unexpected breakdowns are eliminated.
  • Energy Efficiency: Environmental sustainability has been a priority for years and homebuilders have taken notice. As designs are drawn for new homes, energy-efficient appliances are no longer considered upgrades, rather they are standard. Builders are constantly seeking eco-friendly options, educating themselves on the installation of solar panels, high-performance windows, or enhanced insulation. While the use of more energy-efficient materials is aimed to reduce carbon footprints, it also offers long-term cost savings via lowered utility bills.
  • Warranty and Support: One of the most compelling positives when using a homebuilder is their warranty. Reputations are raised through excellent workmanship that offers customers peace of mind far into the future. Builders encourage buyers to bring all post-construction concerns to them so that these can be addressed promptly, maintaining customer satisfaction and value in the investment. Also, HVAC equipment, plumbing, and electrical have 1 year warranties from the time of purchase where as the pre-owned market does not have that luxury.

Why work with a builder? The positives are endless. Choosing a well-known, local licensed general contractor, such as Ken Harvey Homes, means choosing quality construction backed by years of expertise. Working with a team that understands the complexities of construction will ensure a simplified process that will end with a brand-new home that will exceed expectations.

Reach out to Ken Harvey Homes today and get started on building your happy place.

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