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Sweet Dreams in your Primary Suite

Sweet Dreams in your Primary Suite

Dreamy. Soothing. Delightful. Relaxing. Divine.  

Gone are the nights when bedrooms were primarily purposed for a good night’s sleep. Today’s bedrooms are multi-functional spaces. While many serve as homework centers or playrooms, primary bedrooms have gone from dull to dream as homeowners create suites that rival the most luxurious hotel rooms. Whether building a brand-new home or renovating an existing space, this trend in beautiful bedroom design should be embraced. The team at Ken Harvey Homes has endless options for its floorplans, including owners’ suites that are guaranteed to “Build Your Happy.”

How can you transform a primary bedroom from standard to sweet? 

Make it personal! Create an oasis that fulfills every need or desire.

Love to read? Add a cute nook with a cozy chair to curl up in with a book grabbed from a custom-designed bookcase.

If starting the day with the stretch is your norm–designate a space for yoga or meditation. Short on square footage? Invest in under-the-bed storage to house your mat, blocks, and incense making them easily accessible for that daily session.

Create a focal wall showcasing favorite photos, art, or memorabilia. Refrigerator art is on the move as it becomes part of a bedroom gallery. Items purchased during travel are no longer relegated to living room shelves, now they adorn dressers!

Find your favorite textures! Integrating a variety of textures or natural elements within a primary suite creates interest. Whether adding wooden art, tactile wallpaper, or mixed-metal fixtures, mingling textures will create a gorgeous room in which you’ll want to spend lots of time!

Invest in a mirror that reflects your personality. Standard mirrors are a thing of the past as unique forms meet function. Will you opt for a floor-to-ceiling mirror or a hanging one with curvy shapes?

Prioritize health and wellness:

Air quality is essential for a pleasant retreat and many new homes now include air-purifying options. Tasked with detoxifying air, these systems neutralize odors and reduce in-home pollution, a common trigger for congestion. Looking for a more natural approach? Head to your local garden center and pick up a variety of houseplants. Plants are the original detoxifier–perfect for those with natural light and a green thumb.

Beds have reached new levels with so many options beyond the standard mattress. Most popular? Adjustable beds! Beds that can be repositioned with a push of a button are excellent for finding optimal comfort. Retailers now stock mattresses that include heating elements (to keep feet warm in winter months) or massage features (to knead tired muscles). If a smart-bed isn’t in your budget, go bigger. Moving from a double to a queen or a queen to a king gives sleepers more room to enjoy a fabulous night’s sleep. 

Pillow talk is better when it is done in comfort. Plump existing pillows regularly by tossing them in the dryer on low heat with a few tennis balls. Add extra stuffing to throw pillows to add form (stylists suggest purchasing inserts one size larger than a pillow’s cover). Sleeping pillows should be treated as an investment in your health. Choose quality! 

Curb the clutter! A well-organized bedroom is much more serene and is easily achieved with custom closets, shelves, or even storage bins.

Limit technology, but not all of it: Innovations can enhance comfort while not becoming the center of our sleeping universe. 

Smart thermostats allow temperatures to remain comfortable throughout the night while also creating a more energy-efficient home. 

Lighting has also gotten “smarter” as intensity and color can now be controlled by voice commands or digital timers. Install a wake-up lamp to gently wake you up by mimicking the sunrise. 

Splurge on blinds controlled by a remote or voice commands! Many electric blinds can be programmed to open just before your wake-up time, allowing natural light to nudge you into the day. And, as a bonus, many opt to program blinds to open or close based on the season and location of the sun which can take some load off HVAC systems. 

Refreshing? Absolutely! Several simple design tips can bring luxury to your bedroom even if on a budget. 

Wall sconces are the new lamps, providing ideal lighting while leaving flat surfaces clear and clean. 

Existing headboards are often the perfect candidate for repurposing. Grab a can of paint or add a soft, fabric cover. 

Swapping out hardware is an economical and easy way to breathe beautiful new life into furniture without investing in new pieces. Change out door handles as well!

Trays are a terrific way to add style while corralling special trinkets. Be on the lookout for vintage bottles or unique jewelry hangers to create an organized, one-of-a-kind showcase. 

Luxury bedding is nice, but not a must. Plush throw blankets are the perfect accessory, creating a cozy vibe and are easy to store. 

Raise curtains to just below the ceiling line to draw the eyes upward with an elegant window frame.

The primary bedroom is evolving, becoming so much more inviting than in generations past. 

With personalized aesthetics, integrated technology, and a few design tweaks, this suite will quickly become your favorite spot. Turn your into the space of your dreams to be filled with rest, relaxation, and serenity. 

Ken Harvey Homes has endless options for your primary suite just waiting to be taken from blueprint to reality!

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