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Home Sweet Tiny Home

Home Sweet Tiny Home

Have you explored the world of tiny homes? It seems that many in North America are shifting to a minimalistic lifestyle as tiny home sales skyrocket. Ken Harvey Homes is thrilled to put its footprint on this growing market with a variety of floorplans perfect for those wishing to downsize creatively. 

Tiny homes are small but mighty with features focused on unique, multipurpose spaces. The American Tiny House Association classifies tiny homes as those with less than 600 square feet. Traditional, single-family homes average 2500 square feet so the quest in designing a tiny home is to create a fully functional living space without crossing that square-footage cap. Some consider a 1000 square ft home to fall into the tiny home category.

Why are so many falling in love with Tiny Homes? There are a variety of reasons:

  • Environmentally Friendly: The most common reason for homebuyers to “go tiny” is to engage in a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Energy efficiency is a priority and tiny homes boast a minimized carbon footprint. Of course, with less space to heat and cool, the home is more cost-effective, but the majority of these wonders are topped with solar panels tasked with handling the home's electrical needs. In addition, tiny homes are built with open-concept floorplans, allowing natural light (or a breeze!) to pour through strategically placed windows. 
  • Decreased Maintenance: With a smaller home, there is a smaller honey-do list! Fewer flat spaces mean less clutter to collect and clean up. Dusting, vacuuming, or mopping can be wrapped up in no time at all. Big ticket items such as new countertops, appliances, or a roof become small ticket items as the scale is so much smaller. Less maintenance means more time to enjoy life as those hours-long weekend tasks only take a few minutes to complete. This has been a key selling factor for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer a tiny homestead nestled into nature.
  • Downsizing: While many growing families are opting to expand their space by building new, larger homes there are also those aiming to downsize as children leave the nest. With a need for fewer rooms, tiny homes offer the perfect solution to decrease square footage while still enjoying a gorgeous floor plan. 
  • Mobility: As the need to be tied to a certain school district or live near the office fades away, many homeowners choose a tiny home for the perk of mobility. These homes are not glorified RVs–they are traditional homes on wheels, some are even built traditionally on a slab! Tiny Home communities are popping up across the country and buyers are benefiting from the ability to easily relocate without the hassle of home sales or purchases. Even better? No packing is required!
  • Creative Uses: As multi-generational living gains popularity, tiny homes offer a unique way to combine families without having everyone under the same roof. Tiny homes are the new mother-in-law suite or guest house! When the workforce began transitioning to remote locations, tiny homes were put to use as home offices. Tiny homes have endless uses: studios, rental properties, mancaves, she-sheds, and more!
  • Affordability: Tiny homes average a tenth of the cost of a traditional single-family home which is a huge plus for many homebuyers. This has opened the front door for many first-time buyers not quite financially ready to enter the traditional home market. With a minimized mortgage, the stress of home ownership is eased. And, in addition to lower utility costs, those annual invoices for taxes or insurance are much smaller for tiny homeowners. 

One thing is certain when it comes to tiny homes: They are here to stay. According to a Technavio research report, the worldwide tiny homes market will likely increase by $3.57 billion from 2021 to 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 4.45%, with North America accounting for 59% of the growth. Today, tiny homes account for about 10,000 homes in the United States–a number that is on the rise. 

Whether seeking a minimal aesthetic, less maintenance, or simply a unique home addition, tiny homes are an amazing option. Ken Harvey Homes is thrilled to enter the tiny homes market with its venture, Glennwood Tiny Homes. 2024 will bring big things to central North Carolina’s Ken Harvey’s Tiny Home buyers! 

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